Syra Yousuf and shehroz Latest Photos with Daughter Nooreh

syra yousuf and shehroz latest photos with daughter nooreh

syra yousuf and shehroz latest photos with daughter nooreh avilable in this post. Here we are sharing Syra Shehroz Unseen Family Showbiz Friends Pictures. This lovely couple have a awfully lovely and cute girl. Her sister Alishba Yousuf is additionally a high thespian and a Pakistani model. Pakistani tv trade has given ME my identity among individuals and that i additionally need to try to to my best reciprocally. Yousuf completed her admission from a celebrated faculty of metropolis. She has blessed lovely voice thus she worked for a few time as VJ in peshawar

syra yousuf and shehroz latest photos with daughter nooreh

Ammar Belal is her favorite dressmaker United Nations agency invariably makes trendy and tremendous outfits in keeping with the most recent trends. Syra Yousuf likes wafers to eat and he or she may be a joyful one who doesn’t take such a lot stress and live mirthfully.


syra yousuf and shehroz latest photos with daughter nooreh

Today we brings you the latest photos of Syra and Shehroz with their daughter. This beautiful couple have a very beautiful and cute daughter. So lets see Syra Yousuf and Shehroz latest photos with daughter Nooreh. Ladies and gentlemen hold your breathe and have a look at the cute pictures of Nooreh.


Today Syra and Shehroz latest photos have been brought by fashion design.style with their daughters. This stunning couple have a very cure and beautiful daughter. Therefore let’s see Syra Yousuf and Shehroz latest pictures with daughter Nooreh.Moreover Syra is too feeling charming in light of the fact that an adorable holy messenger is thinking about her.

I think that people are not letting Nooreh sleep. Nooreh is very disturbed by the people around her. I think she is very tired of hugs and kisses by the people. She don’t like camera following her all the time! Parooo Baby.Excellent Nooreh is in the lap of Momal Sheik (Javed Sheik’s little girl) Nooreh lances to be in a decent state of mind and she looks glad to take selfies. She is giving a charming grin! Take at the Nooreh eyes, she has extremely pure eyes.Nooreh is resting. Ssshhh be calm. I consider this Nooreh and Syra has been taken by Shehroz. Nooreh is having dreams.

Syra & Shehroz Celebrate Nooreh’s First Birthday – Pictures

syra yousuf and shehroz latest photos with daughter nooreh

Syra and Shehroz are without a doubt a standout amongst the most cherished youthful couples of our dramatization industry. They look extremely charming together and have an exceptionally lovable young baby Nooreh who looks a great deal like her delightful mother. Syra and Shehroz observed Nooreh’s first birthday in style. Everybody from the family and companions were available at the birthday bash. Alishba Yousuf was additionally observed at the gathering with her daughter.


See Nooreh, she is laying down with none strains and issues. An extremely charming child. Is it true that it isn’t? In spite of the fact that her age is as of now a quarter century she appearance frightfully youthful as her alternatives make her face blameless and cute.They said that “My partner is island Qamar My most loved interest is change of state, listening music, take-up popcorn, looking films and perusing books.Yousuf cherishes doing pictures hoots and he or she needs to end up a conventional inventive individual”.

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