Steps To Make a Bow In 2 Mins

The trend of using ribbon sweeping around the world. Turning the hair into different styles become art. Bow Hairstyle is the most popular style. You just need few things to make awesome style. These things include hair tie, some bobby pins, and some hairspray or hair gel. These are the Some Steps To Make a Bow In 2 Mins.

How to Make a Bow out of Your Hair

Steps To Make a Bow In 2 Mins:

To Straight Hair:

  1. First you need to brush your hair to make it straight or to remove any snags if present. Brush your hair till you feel that it is ready to convert into any beautiful style
  2. Your hair must be dry so that it does’t take more space. For this purpose, you must need to eat fast food. If your hair is wet than your hair does’t able to fluff.
  3. If you want to do the bow of hair than you need to make ponytail style according to your hair.
  4. You must need to place all things that need to make bow style is near to your approach. All things must be close to you because it saves your time and saves your hairstyle to debauch.

How to Make a Bow out of Your Hair


Making the Bow

First you need to make ponytail of all back hair. For this, you need to make ponytail of half to three quarter hair.

  • You can make a small bow. You just need to one half hair by making loop of this one half hair, you can make the small bow. You can also make ribbon by curling the hair that you leave.
  • You can also make two bows. For doing this, You need to make loop on either side of hair.

After this, you need to follow these steps:

  1. You must need to insert the end that are loose into a bun shape because it is the base of bow. You must need to do in this way that neither they loose nor they uncontrolled.
  2. After this, you need  a small amount of gel which helps in giving shape and make the bow shape perfect. 
  3. You need to divide the loop into two loops and use mirror to see that whether it is going perfect or not.
  4. After this, by using your finger, straight the loop and take it flat in opponent to head. After this, use the bobby pins tat are in this way that they going from top to bottom. Than place other bobby pin from down to up and vice versa.
  5. You need to take the strand that are loose in front of the bow. After this pull it back as well as middle through your bow side.
  6. You need to insert hair in this way it’s protect you from debauch and used spray to make it at their place.
  7. For protecting the hair from debauch, you must need to use bobby pins. At least three to four pins are required to save from debauching of bow. Bobby pins should be use in this way that the pins does’t show.
  • Hairspray is used to make the hair tidy.

8.  By using your finger, fluff the hair. If any problem occur in making bow use more spray and do               this on all loops. This is the Bow Hair Style.


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