Some Genius Ladies Hair Styling Ideas Just for Short Hair

Some Genius Styling Ideas Just for Short Hair

Use of Spray dry shampoo : Mostly hair slips from the bobby pins. This occur mostly with short hair than long hair. If you want to stay your strands at their place than use dry texture spray to avoid your strand to slip from bobby pins. You must have to use this spray “Oribe Dry Texture Spray”inside the bobby pins to make it more griped for short hairs.

Some Genius Ladies Hair Styling Ideas Just for Short Hair :

Some Genius Ladies Hair Styling Ideas Just for Short Hair

cool ombré chevron bobby pin design: For making the design, you have to use bobby pins to pin your bangs and force the open end to the top end. Make V shape by sliding one leg on another bobby pin and the angle should be downward at the looped pin of first pin. Repeat this step again and again until you get hair style as you want to make.

Keep a cold cream in your bag in case you need to tame your tresses on the go. You must have cold cream to tame your tresses when the hair become heavy due to weather. Here, we recommend best cream that is widely used for this purpose. The name of that cream is “Nivea”, as you use this cream during traveling so you get this cream in travel tin size.

Making Faux Bang Style: You cam make faux bang by making the side part deep and take the hair to cover your forehead as well as safe it by using headband.

Pixie Style: Mostly people who have silky hair but the pixie style gave them some problem than you can solve by make your hair some what wavy as well as cut the one layer. In this way, you feel better than before. You also need to make hair loose as well as longer. If you don,t like than we have a lot of hair cuts for short hair, you can check from them.

For Giving Beach Texture To The Short Hair: Mostly people don’t like salt spray so they can make their own beach spritz by mixing seltzer water with the one teaspoon of sea salt. This spritz give beach touch to your hair. Mostly celebrity also use this spritz for their hair.

Making a pompadour of Short Hair: It is a difficult task to make pompadour style on short hair. You just twist the hair in opposite direction where you set the hair before. In this way, you make a style then end this work by using bobby pins in X shape.

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