Priya Sachdev Life Biography And Career

Priya Sachdev, she is famous singer, model as well as famous actor. She was born in Feb 21, 1976. He was born in New Delhi, the famous city of India. Now, she is of 40 year old. Her parent name is Ashok Sachdev. She completed her education in New Delhi. She completed her undergraduate degree before going to married with Vikram Chatwal. She started her career from New Delhi, India.

Priya Sachdev Life Biography And Career

Priya Sachdev Biography And Career:

She got married to Vikram Chatwal in 2006. He is millionaire . He has many hotels in New York.  She has one daughter named as  Safira Chatwal. There were about USD $20 million spent on their marriage. The function of their marriage was hold in three famous cities of India named as Mumbai, Udaipur and Delhi. Their marriage became the headlines of news channel of New York. The reason is that there are many celebrities include in this marriage like Bill Clinton, Naomi Campbell  and so on. 

Priya Sachdev Life Biography And Career

She works as model, singer as well as actor. She also appeared in commercial Televisions. She appeared in the movie Neal ‘n’ Nikki. This film was directed by Yash Chopra. She also worked in many Punjibe music videos. These videos are mostly of Jazzy-B, Jassi Sidhu and other singers. They got divorce in 2011.

In once interview in Sep 4, 2011, she declared that she got divorce from him. She said that she was too young when she got married. She said that she has different dream and different aims due to which she separate from him. She wanted to complete her all aims, goals as well as expectations. She wanted to do some thing different in her life.

Priya Sachdev Life Biography And Career

Sunjay who is a friend of model Priya has deep relationship. This relationship is the reason of creating conflict between Sunjay and Karishma. He also said that he is going to marry with his friend priya. He said that he wants to change this friendship into relationship. Karishma becomes angry on this issue and she also said that she have no fear about this problem.

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