Parveen Shahani the wife of Emraan Hashmi Wedding Pictures

Emraan Hashmi the most leading actors of Bollywood film industry, belongs to an extensive Bollywood connected family.  This renowned family covers covers a gamut of grandparents, uncles, aunts parents, and cousins. This superb man is well established and much famous among the young generations. This superman belongs to Muslim family and was born on 24 March 1979. The star of this well known personality is Aries. After having to notice the family background it is quite clear that his father Anwar Hashmi was also an actor. Not only this but also, tow big names of India film industry as Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt, have strong relation to him. He is the nephew of these well know personalities. Furthermore actor Rahul Bhatt and director Mohit Suri, Actress and director Pooja Bhatt are cousins of Emraan Hashmi. This all is revealing that he has a professional and strong family background.

Parveen Shahani the wife of Emraan Hashmi Wedding Pictures

Furthermore, Emraan Hashmi’s mother is Maherah Hashmi, who is a Roman Catholic. He is quite close to his mother Maherah Hashmi. She loves him too much. For instance in an interview she expose affectionately about Emi all about his childhood activities. She did it with such love, care and dexterity that no one can deny the fact of her affection towards her son. The elder brother of this super hero, Calvin Hashmi is settled in UK. His brother is enjoying reliable life there. The most astonishing thing about Emran Hashmi is that he got married to his long time girl friend, Parveen Shahani.

It assumes that Parveen loves her privacy as much as Emraam does. She dislikes getting recognized by not only the media rather people at large. It is probably an authentic reason of her disliking to attend public functions with her husband Emraan Hashmi’s and get photographs. Parveen Shahani the gorgeous lady was wooed by the most appealing and handsome actor. Now she is sharing the eternal bond of marriage with him. Though this lady’s family background is Sindhi but her marriage or Nikah held under auspice Islamic laws and customs. The father of this well known personality is a great businessman in Mumbai. Parveen Shahani’s mother is a housewife. The most important thing about Emran is that he is about 33, but her glowing skin still reflects glamour and grace.

The hight of Parveen Shahani is 5 feet and 3 inch. This height is incredibly suited her slender and lean body structure.  It makes her all the more riveting, attractive and alluring to her darling hubby. She is   enjoying her teaching job and household chores. The date of birth of this personality is 27 April, 1981. It has been noticed that she used to celebrate her birthday with her family members.

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