Parveen Shahani Age Bio Son Wiki and History

Parveen Shahani is definitely a spouse of Bollywood actor Emran Hashmi. That beautiful couple have a cute son, named Ayaan Hashmi. Both have long term strong and beautiful relationship with one another. They got married on 14 December 2006. It has been noted that parveen Shahani never gets insecure about Emran Hashmi’s roles. Everyone can espy a peace in her personal married life.

Parveen Shahani Age, Bio, Son, Wiki and History

This beautiful lady is working as a teacher in pre- school. She belongs to a great and well known Sindhi family. Her articulating words about her partner are that “I have found my soul mate in actor Emran Hashmi.  Both has great obsession towards each other. Once Emran Hashmi claims that he can spend his whole life with his wife under the guise of her pure love. He proclaims that he loves her too much she is his life.

It is the big reality of his life with his beautiful son. She proved a lucky mascot and the inspiration behind the most leading actors of Bollywood Emran Hashmi. She has imbibed the values to keep a healthy home and also she is the back bone of her husband’s success. Parveen Shahani always believes to inculcate the right morals and important principals in her children at school. Her biography unfolds the number of traits of this beautiful young lady. One thing that she was the girl of Emran Hashmi and now is the wife of him. Biography also reveals her personal interest and knacks and also the glimpse of her profession.


Parveen Shahani Age Bio Son Wiki and History

The biography of that lady is infecting the dedication to the wives, so may they embellish their hubby’s career. After getting inspiration from that they can lift it to sublime heights.  She is walking the path of love and commitment with her husband for over a decade now. Her name has not been mentioned in B town. Rather this lady is an epitome of wonderful and sensational beautiful homemaker. She exposes her rational and strong approach towards life. That approach keeps her beliefs, disciplines and principles upright.


Though, she is to be considered an elite wife, but she has never left the stone upturned in parenthood. If we are going to discuss about her son the sorrow thing comes before us. The thing is that the son of that couple is suffering from cancer. That cruel reality has left the cool and lively actor with utter despair. But this lady seems us to handle the rough and hard patch of life in a calm way.

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