New Fashion Trends for 2016 Latest Collection

Trending fashion 2015/16 Fashionable trends for 2015- 2016

New Fashion Trends falls and winter collections are out on the market. From the hordes of items showcased at the recently held recent Fashion Week events in New York, Milan, London and Paris that are gathering moths in our cupboards we understand that the early bird gets the worm! The trends shown in shoes, handbags, accessories, clothing, colors, prints, nails, and hair and everything you have to pair has driven us on a journey of pieces and prices.

New Fashion Trends for 2016 Latest Collection

New Fashion Trends for 2016 Latest Collection:

The sun shades accessories catch our eyes and deserve a whole long article showcasing what in and whets not what will save our eye-sights as winter and fall beckon. Listed below are the mammoth winter fall collection for 2015 and 2016 showing a remarkable mix flaunted on runways and big and small, little or tall of the gurus edifying the latest and greatest fashion houses with style.

New Fashion Trends for 2016 Latest Collection

If for image pixels on your mobile device has not yet been cluttered with sexy forms and shapes of lithe slim and skinny models that display that September is officially Month of Fashion leaving us in a tornado of lust and passion for never ending parties that flaunt unashamedly the Fashion Week is not going to die a natural death very soon. Next stop over is good old traditional London followed by majestic Milan till finally stopping at the old lady of fashion called Paris then we have all fashion destinations done and over with and it’s time to take a peek at colorful trends that are flying off the runway to land on us this whirlwind season. Like a scene from a dreamy Degas painting, spring’s color palette is all about soft, pale, dusty hues.


In keeping with this theme, rose quartz is officially the Pantone Color Institute’s color choice for spring 2016. A canvass of colorful shades of bright and dull brings not a lull in our quest for the official Pantone Color of Choice adverting in the spring of 2016 that celebs and factionists are all set to create a huge impact on year to come. NATURAL HUES: When colors become calm and inspired the nature of Scandinavian design, displaying earthly shades and nuances that bring out a soothing look and simple feel. Soft dim colors bring humility and simplicity and give loud garish Hollywood like Lady Gaga and the like a time out.

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