Minneapolis Business College of Art and Design Reviews

In the list of the schools of Art and Fashion, Minneapolis Business College is the famous, oldest and smallest accredited business school in Minnesota. This famous college “Minneapolis Business College” was opened in 1874. This business school is located in Roseville, Minnesota, a suburb of St. Paul. The opening member of Minneapolis Business College is a The founding member of the National Association of Accredited Commercial Schools (NAACS) is Minneapolis Business College. It was established in 1912. In these days, it is known as Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICSO). It is a non-profit organization.

Minneapolis Business College of Art and Design Reviews

Minneapolis Business College of Art and Design Reviews:

This school present the career as fashion designer. It takes same part, have experience about real-world and also the base of many talented and famous Industry professional. They also give the education like hands-on, learn creative designing in which you become able to make unique design, technical skill, conceptual skills, drafting of pattern, theoretical skills and arranging also include in it. They give the education of these things and so on. After getting this education, you will be able to create, make and drop every design.


Here, we given the reviews of people as well as student about this school of Art and Fashion.

  • The environment of this school is so nice and have talented students . They have good faculty members.
  • The name as well as standard of MCAD is well known, high level and famous. It is the best for those that are looking for teaching. I have also worked in this school. Their behavior with faculty member is too better than other school if you are looking for. Complement can work in this school on the faculty board as well as they can work as a member of committees. They give many offer to the complement if a person takes many contract of semesters.
  • This is a best and excellent school. The school have need to offer good student for training on free of cost. They also need to give best workplace. Although, they give best training which you can not get from any other area.
  • They have Good resources as well as their name comes in the list of World best Art and fashion school.
  •  They have great people as well as best artist. The equipment of this school is best and excellent.

They offer the schedules of 35 hour work per week. They work with the best artist, creative staff as well as experienced member staff.

They have four campus that are located in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Orange County.

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