Minal Khan Getting Engaged To Mustafa The Son Of Hina Dilpazeer (Bulbulay Momo)

Hina Dilpazeer:

Hina Dilpazeer, she is a famous actress in Pakistan. She get popularity through their sharp and unbeatable acting. She is a hardworking actress. Her famous funny and lovely drama “Bulbulay” get too liberty not only in Pakistan but also throughout the world. She plays the important role “Momo” that is the secret of the popularity of this drama serial. Hina Dilpazeer has enough experience in this field. She is a TV host, actress as well as model. She chose Minal Khan for he life partner of her son Mustafa. Hina is famous for her funny acting in “Bulbulay”, she has thousand of followers in Pakistan as well as throughout the world.

You also know the the name of Minal Khan that is the twin sister of Aiman Khan. These sisters are famous due to their beauty and their smile as well as for their smart acting.

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Minal Khan Getting Engaged To Mustafa The Son Of Hina Dilpazeer (Bulbulay Momo):

The great news about this actress is that she get engage with “Mustafa”, the son of Hina Dilpazeer (Bulbulay Momo). I know, you become surprise to hear this news. She posted a picture on facebook showing that she is going to get marriage with Mustafa. She said about this relationship and also said that“They are getting engaged soon”.

Here, we given the pic of Minal Khan with Mustafa Dilpazeer along with his mother Hina Dilpazeer.


It is a shocking and amazing news in the Pakistani showbiz industry and their followers are waiting for their marriage. I try my best to give you all news about such relationships in the showbiz industry of Pakistan as well as other countries. For getting such amazing news, you need to visit this page.

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Mustafa Dilpazeer is also the youngest celebrity in the entertainment industry of Pakistan. On fan page, she said that their official engagement event has not celebrated. so through this statement it is true that they become engage soon. This news is circulating in showbiz industry of Pakistan.

All Pakistani stars and their followers congratulate them on their relationship and she said thanks to their followers for their love and care.

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