Lionel Messi Biography, Net Worth And Career

Lionel Messi was born on June 24,1987 in Rosario, Argentina. His height is about 1.7 m. He plays from the club F.C Barcelona. He also plays for his country. He is the National player of Argentina. His mother name is Celia Maria. His father name is Jorge Horacio Messi who was the factory worker. She also did part time job as cleaner when Lionel Messi was born. His wife name is Antonella Roccuzzo. They got marriage in 2008. They have two children. The name of their children are Thiago Messi and Mateo Messi. His wife is a famous model.

Lionel Messi Biography, Net Worth And Career

Lionel Messi Biography, Net Worth And Career:

Lionel Messi is the five time winner of the FIFA World Cup. The net worth of Lionel Messi is about $180 Million. He scored 90 plus goals for Barcelona as well as for Argentina.Lionel Messi. He is the top best soccer player of football so their salary comes from their club and from their country. He started his career when he was of just 14 year. He starting play from the famous club F C Barcelona. At that time, his height is about 1.4 m. He became the famous soccer player when he was of just 17 year. This established huge net worth of $180 Million. He has many nick names. Their names include Flea, Leo, Messidona and so on. He started his career and got popularity when he scored 53 goals in 56 matches. This player is the brain of Barcelona. Barcelona won many titles due to this player. He spend his childhood in Argentina and learned initial skills of football. Then he moved to Spain. He was of just 13 when he went to Barcelona Academy to learn the further skills of Football.

Lionel Messi Biography, Net Worth And Career

This was the start of his net worth. He has a lot of skills and his speed makes hi best scorer player of Football. Barcelona won many major titles due to this player. His story of success is translated by many brands. This brands include Adidas, PepsiCo, Konami, Dolice and Gabbana, Audemars Piguet and so on. These are the ways of his earning. He gets 43 Million dollars. In this amount, he earns $16 Million at the spot. That’s why his name comes among the list of top earning sports celebrities throughout the world.

Lionel Messi Biography, Net Worth And Career

His behavior is not flashy type just like other football player like Cristiano Ronaldo. He won many titles and break many records when he started playing football. From that day, he is breaking record persistently. His effective performance is the secret of his success. He plays every match and gives tough time to their opponent team whether he plays for his club or for his country. He won many tiles of Man of the Tournament. He scored highest in the FIFA World Cup 2014. He becomes famous day by day.

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