James Mcavoy’s Wife, Bio and Movies List

James Mcavoy’s was born on 18th Oct 1960 in Belgium. He is married. He is a famous actor as well as Martial Art Expert. The net worth of Jean Claude Van Damme is $30 million.He is known by “Muscles from Brussels” throughout the world. Jean-Claude Van Damme is the superb martial arts superstars in the world. Before acting, he is the best karate champion in Europe and the best bodybuilder and gymnastic. He create the “karate kick to the opponent’s head during a leaping 360-degree turn” move.

 James Mcavoy's Wife, Bio and Movies List

James Mcavoy’s Wife, Bio and Movies List:

James Mcavoy's Wife, Bio and Movies List
 His net worth started when he played role in his first film “Rue Barbare” in 1983. It is a french action film. After this, he moved to U.S and got insignificant role before arrival to the beefy roles in martial based action movies. This movie made on low budget. But the year 1988 was the best year for Van Damme because their action films “Black Eagle”, “Kickboxer” and “Bloodsport” released in this year. These films got too popularity. Then his next film “Double Impact” in 1991, the most famous film. After these films, in 1992, his next film “Universal Soldier” was released. This film got success all over the world. After this, he made innovation in film by making the romantic action comedy film “Nowhere to Run” in 1993. At this time, he can command the check of about $3.5 milion. Van Damme’s success started from their movies that released in 1990s. These films include Knock Off, Double Team, The Quest, Sudden Death, Timecop and Hard Target.
Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Earning:
jeans worth
He earned $70,000 per film from the first seven films. Their current hit movies include The Expendables” and “The Expendables 2”, these films are also comedy action film. These films increased their net worth and now, he can act as a martial artist, action star, producer and director. Their net worth is about $14 million. He earned $70,000 per film from the first seven films. He also earned $1 million from the movie “Universal Soldier”. He earned from this movie about $3 million. They also received the check of $6.2 million from the movie “Street Fighter”. He remained away from Hollywood for ten years but in spite of this he remains the biggest star of the Hollywood. Their properties are also in Brussels as well as in Hong Kong.
Wives Of Jean-Claude Van Damme:
 Jean-Claude Van Damme got married many times but due to misunderstanding, they divorced. His first wife name was Venezuelan Maria Rodriguez. They divorced due to their issue on relocated in United State in 1981. Then he married with Cynthia Derdian but again they divorced and their relationship is last for one year. In 1986, he was married to Gladys Portugues that is a bodybuilder. They divorced in 1992. After this, in 1994, he again married to Hawaiian as well as with the famous model Darcy La Pier. She many times asked for divorce and at last, they divorced in 1997. At last,in June 1999, he again married to his third wife “Gladys Portugues”. He has three children. Their children include two son and one daughter. His one son “Kristopher” and one daughter “Bianca” is to his third wife, Gladys Portugues. His second son “Nicholas” is to Darcy La Pier.

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