Is sanam jung pregnant?

Is sanam jung pregnant?

Is sanam jung pregnant?full detail available in this post.Sanam Jung got married to Qassam Jafri on 9th January, 2016 in a grand wedding ceremony. Qassam Jaffri is a flight instructor by profession. Now a  days, there have been news about Sanam Jung’s pregnancy as she is gainning a lot of weight and is wearing loose covering dresses.Today, it was Sanam’s birthday. Her Khala wished her accessible as needs be and gave her duas. Sanam Jung’s Khala affirmed that Sanam is pregnant.The wonderful and charming morning show have Sanam Jung’s own life remained all the rage when the bits of gossip about her marriage with Waqar Zaka hit the online networking.

Is sanam jung pregnant

But these rumors were destroyed when Sanam Jung and Qassam Jaffry marriage took place. According to the source, the couple has been dating since 2012 and now got married in 2016.


Is Sanam Jung pregnant? After seeing her weight gain pictures on fashiondesigns.style, everyone is saying that she is pregnant!

Is sanam jung pregnant

Recently, we published Sanam Jung’s slim to fat journey and also shared some old and latest clicks of Sanam Jung which proved that she has added many kilos to her weight.Now after seeing those weight gain pics, everyone is claiming that Sanam Jung is pregnant.

Moreover we can’t ignore this news, because we have ourselves seen the drastic change in her looks in these few months! She is becoming fat day by day. Secondly, she has started wearing baggy outfits to hide her tummy!Well, we are not 100% sure about the news, but we also can’t ignore the above mentioned proofs!


Sanam Jung’s Khala confirmed that Sanam is Pregnant

Sanam Jung is prominent Pakistani on-screen character, model, VJ and host. Right away a days, she is encouraging morning show Jago Pakistan Jago on Hum TV. She has also worked in various sensations and has walked on-ramp too.

presently a days, there have been news abouy Sanam Jung’s pregnancy as she is gainning an extensive measure of weight and is without wearing covering dresses. Her Khala wished her accessible to return to work and gave her duas, she said, ‘stomach muscle to ek nayii khushi bhi aanay wali hai. Sanam Jung’s Khala affirmed that Sanam is pregnant.Now there have as of now been news abouy Sanam Jung’s pregnancy as she is wearing covering dresses and is gainning loads of weight.


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