How to Style Medium Length Hair

If we talk about the looking attractive then we can say, hair play important role in looking attractive. People have different choice to choose the length whether they make the length of their hair long or short or medium. But according to specific survey, it is concluded that people having hair of medium length looks more attractive, sexy and it is perfect for all type of events. It makes your personality incredible. Medium length hair is the most famous length among the people. This article is about How to Style Medium Length Hair.

medium hair

Mostly people want to make their hair long according to their want but because of time and energy, they do not make their long hair. You can enjoy same by making your hair of medium length. You need to grow it naturally. After that, you can make any hair style according to event as well as according to want. You can make any style on medium length hair.

Here, we given some style that you can make on the medium length hair.


This type hairstyle is best for any event where you want to look attractive. This will give your body a unique shape. You need use small amount of hair spray on hair and turn it back. After this, you need to use finger to make the comb line soft.

For this style, your hair must be refined as well as slightly longer. In this style, hair worn back to the ear.

How To make this Style:

  1. You need Shampoo, conditioner as well as towel to dry the hair.
  2. You need to use small amount of hair to set the hair as well as for making design.
  3. You need to comb the hair toward back. For this purpose, you must use the comb of medium size.
  4. After this, dry the hair.

Recommended Products:

You need to use shampoo according to your skin as well as use daily conditioner that keep your hair clean as well as healthy.

Best Face Shape :

This hairstyle is for person having face shape square, oval, heart.

Waving Back

This style is for those person who have hair having shape wavy type. Waving back is the style in which people turn their hair back.

How To Make This Style:

  1. You need to dry the hair by using towel.Towel dry hair.
  2. You need to dry the hair by using drier and then turn the hair back.
  3. After this, use gel spray and then comb the smooth and shiny hair.

Recommended Products:

You need gel American Crew Light Hold Styling. They help in thickness of hair as well as smooth the hair.

Best Face Shape :

This hair style is perfect on those face whose shape is oval, pear, square

 Embracing Gray

This style contain deep sides as well as longer hair on the top side. After this cut closer is also on the back as well as at sides also.

How To Make Style:

  1. You need to dry the hair by towel.
  2. You need to use hair spray on the hair.
  3. After this you need to make diagonal style on the sides as well as back
  4. After this comb the hair by finger to soft the lines.

Recommended Products:

You need this product to hold the hair perfectly, the product name is American Crew Grooming Spray.

Best Face Shape:

Person having this shape oval, pear, square can make hair style.

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