How to do Face Makeup Step by Step

Face Make is too important for ladies. All girls who want to look beautiful use makeup. In order to counter your face, you need to define your features. You need to create the appearance of higher check bones. Here, we are going to discuss about the makeup steps. First of all, it is important to have a right product that you can apply on your face. If you want to look beautiful, you need to apply contouring makeup. So, first of all you should use a foundation on your face. It is important that the foundation should be according to the type of your skin. The same color as your skin. It will give you a natural look. It will even procure your skin tone. If you have not applied a foundation on your skin, it will be difficult to give a smooth and pretty look to your face.

How to do Face Makeup Step by Step

How to do Face Makeup Step by Step 2016:

Face Make Up step by step details are available for you in this article. So, first of all use a foundation. Then, if you are feeling trouble in figuring out what color you want to get, you should try to match your foundation. Now try your best to match the foundation of your face with the color foundation of your neck. Because, your neck is tend to be slightly paler than your face. If you follow this step your face will give a best look to you. It will enhance the beauty of your face. You should not use much lighter than two shades. Other ways your makeup would not give a natural look. Then you can use eye shadow in the place of foundation.

You should keep one thing in your mind that all products which you are using must not be the mixture. Now, you need to get a good blending brush. The different colors are not well blended, your makeup will also not well. Your face will look unnatural. You also need a big, bushy foundation brush and also a blending brush.

Major points:

  • First of all apply a moisturizer with SPF.
  • You can apply moisturizer with the help of concealer glide on smoothly.
  • Now you should use concealer only where you need it.
  • You can use it on under eye circles and blemishes.
  • Now try a creamy formula.
  • Chose a shade lighter is a myth.
  • Then apply it in little strips with a pointed concealer brush.
  • After that blend using your ring finger for the lightest touch.
  • You should not tug on delicate under eyes. Then get a fine line to use the point of your brush.
  • Then give a final touch.


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