How to Apply Henna Mehndi Designs

How to Apply Henna Mehndi Designs

Henna Mehndi is such a thing which has ability to give a cool effect on your body part where you apply it. It leaves a beautiful red color on your skin. Mostly it is used on hairs as a natural dye. But henna mehndi is commonly used to decorate hands and feet. So, if you have applied it on your skin, you just need to wait till it get a dry shape.


How to Apply Henna Mehndi Designs:

When it dries totally, then you should wash your hair and skin in order to get the dyed color. Henna mehndi has became the essential part of Asian ladies. You can also be said that Asian brides are not complete if they have not applied Henna mehndi on their hands and feet.

Major Points

You know, henna mehndi contains some chemicals, so if you have a sensitive skin just apply on a little part of your skin to check. It all needs to done before making the whole design on your skin. If it is not suitable for you than avoid it. If you feel like burning, itchy than its means, it comprises a lot of dangerous chemicals, which can be dangerous for your skin. Some time, the same is happen when the henna is expired so you should make sure about their expiry date before applying it on your skin. You should get complete surety that is it fresh or not? If it is not fresh don’t use it.One thing more is needed to be clear if you have applied waxing on your skin, don’t use henna mehndi on the spot. You should wait for a day after waxing. Because by using mehndi, your skin become damage. You should always start with small designs designs like leaves, veils and so on.


  • You should have a cone.
  • Cone should be of pencil shape.
  • You must have a printed copy of best Henna designs.
  • You must have a transparent glass sheet.
  • You can also use clear plastic sheet for this purpose.
  • You must have a plain piece of paper.
  • One thing more you must have a pencil.



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