Hairstyle Of Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. is a best hero, the secret of his popularity is his astonishing acting. He could be the highest paid superhero if he did not face personal disturbance. The whole world is impaired by his best performance in Iron Man 3. He play their role as  the playboy-billionaire Tony Stark . After long time, he comes back along with the couple of new “toys”. Not only this, he comes back with their awesome new hairstyle.


Hairstyle Of Robert Downey Jr.:

The best thing of his hairstyle is that anyone can make this style. Everyone can wear their style whether they are of old age or of young age. You can wear the hairstyle of Robert Downey Jr. with the help of hairstylist Annika Bowen.  Here, there is a method through you can wear any hairstyle of Robert Downey Jr. At the end, we give the name of product that act as more helpful in making hairstyle.

You need to get the hairstyle for wearing the hairstyle of Downey as a Tony stark in Iron Man 3. These are the some steps for making style of tony stark. If any step matches with you hair style than you skip his step.

:- Get section of  horse shoe from corner to corner and then ignore the top area.
:- After this, you start at the front hair line and get the sloped back section. You must cut at the degree of 90 along with the depth of one finger. You need to continue this method around the head.

:- When you come at at the back side. Do such technique on the other side of hair. You need to follow this method if you want to get the hair cut of Tony stark.

:- Then attach the peak point from top to the back of its length, it is just for mixing.  After this, start from the top side and parting the hair from the top side. Then raise the hair up from the head and start to cut in square sense.

Tip: In case of long hair at front side then raise the hair forward and cut the hair at the corner of front. 

:- After this, dry the hair to check the haircut. If you want to clean the hairline than cut the hair around the ear.

Products to use

The best hairstylist Annika recommends this product TIGI B that is work as multi task grooming cream for hairs. It is the wax that is used to separate the hairs.

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