Biography And Quotes Of Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman, he was a famous American poet of nineteenth century. He was also a essayist as well as popular journalist. His name came among the famous American Literary level. His essays and quotes are highly arguable. Their style of delivering things is unique and incomparable. He wrote many poems. His poems, essays and quotes are highly effective.

Biography And Quotes Of Walt Whitman

Biography, Career And Quotes Of Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman was born on May 31, 1819 in West Hills, New York, United States. They were nine siblings and he came on second number in his nine siblings. They lived in the “Long Island”. Their parents were attentive in the Religious Society (Highly interested in their Religion Christianity).

Walt Whitman belonged to poor family. He faced many financial problems. They discussed about their dejected life many times in their essays or books. He did his formal education from home. After this, he became the breadwinner of his family. He worked for lawyer.

After this, he and his family left their home and went to Brooklyn. They settled in Brooklyn. Here, he got the job for printer. This was the rising point of his life as famous personality. He became busy in the local libraries and debating clubs. After his hardworking, he got the opportunity to publish his magazine named as “New York Mirror”.  After this, he went to New York and settled there. He showed his newspaper “Long Islander”. He also did work for many newspaper for publishing different posts. He was freelancer when he left his job.

“Leaves of Grass”, it is the poetry collection of Walt Whitman, he did not published it at a time. It is all about his life. He revised this collection many times. He also said that he wanted to do all things in his life but at last, he selected poetry for their identity.

The quotations of this poet increase the hope of person and their poetry encouraged the dejected people. After the glorification of “Ralph Emerson”, he published his second edition. He added some new poems in it and published it. After publication of this edition,  He reimbursed for the publication of his collection of poetry ” Leaves of Grass“. When he published this edition, censured began to start on this. He faced this criticism but this criticism ended when authors began to like this edition.

His poems include Song of Myself, Song of the Open Road, O Captain! My Captain!, I Sing The Body Electric, Calamus and so on. He died on March 26, 1892 in Camden, New Jersey, in United States.


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