New Belt Bag Spring and Summer Collection 2016

New Belt Bag Spring and Summer the fanny pack is back. The lack of a query in the title is due to a small mystery lurking in the game. We are going to unfold. What comes to light? Is the resurgence of the old unfashionable waist bag or fanny pack. It has done a turnaround to the flaunt modern day fashioners. Now that we care…! Waltzing down pavements with more shopping bags that one can imagine and leer at the vagabonds that abound the streets.

The fanny is latched to us both guys and gals are a trend that will out for the swaggers of old and bring out the bold with the beautiful. When fashion kings like Alex Wang show a bit of twang by sending sleek models with fanny packs swinging, we yearn for the bag that is sleek meek and ours to keep.

Belt Bag New Trends 2016 New Collection are available on this site. it is made up of rich suede not cheap. Although the divas in their new found avatar of divine bags. We mortals remained in our cave, old medieval times lugging baggage of monstrous size and adoring their massive weight and size. But as sheep followers of famous people who endorsement everything from pins to elephants, we copies the celebrities in carrying the fanny as if it was our own nanny. The fanny pack has a new moniker though—and a drastically improved rep. The newly coined “waist bag” or “belt bag” is gaining favor—and the appreciation is nearly devoid of irony.

Belt Bag spring + summer new collection. It’s not the norm in an industry that fell hard for wedge sneakers, but now and then, fashion celebrates pure utility. When the big wigs of Hollywood strutted their style for gone by 90s fanny bag style, we followed like sheep lead to the slaughter be it suede or leather. It up the meter on the brand band wagon and to fuel our attempts of undying fashion. We chipped in with our very own christened waist or belt names to hide the fanny word in the halls of shame. We found that although fashion was style when you stop and think for a while. So utility and fashion aside what makes the fanny take center stage. It is the fact that the super slim girls fit this bag around the waist in its earthy color matches everything around.

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