3rd Wedding Atiqa Odho Married To Samar Ali khan

3rd Wedding Atiqa Odho Married To Samar Ali khan

3rd Wedding Atiqa Odho Married To Samar Ali khan full detail available in this post. Atiqa Odho is one of the beautiful and talented and senior actresses of our showbiz industry. She was born on 12 February, 1968 in Karachi Pakistan. She is best known for acting and hosting. Moreover atiqa Odho basically belongs to a village Tajodero, which is in Jacobabad District. Her grandfather name was Village Taj Muhammad Khan Odho. Now she is living in the UAE and also in Pakistan.

3rd Wedding Atiqa Odho Married To Samar Ali khan

Atiqa Odho is a married woman and she had done three marriages and her third marriage is with Samar Ali Khan.As well as who is in politics and she has three children from her first and second marriage but she has no kids with third marriage yet now. Generally she married with Samar Ali Khan on July, 2012.They are living happy married life with each other and Atiqa Odho has decided to continue her showbiz activities and she is enjoying her life. We wish her all the best.

3rd Wedding Atiqa Odho and Showbiz Career detail

Atiqa Odho had started her career as a makeup artist behind the camera in 1989. She worked for many advertising companies in Karachi. Anwar Maqsood had seen Atiqa working behind the camera and he decided to give her chance. She has beautiful and attractive personality and she started her career as an actress in the dramas.Moreover she work in darama serials of Anwar Maqsood like“Sitara aur Mehrunissa”.Then she played unforgettable roles in many drama serials like “Dasht, Nijaat, Talaash, Angar Wadi, Zikar Hai Kai Saal Ka, Umrao Jaan Ada, Humsafar, and Siskiyaan”.

After that she additionally demonstrates her ability in movies named “Mujhe Chand Chahiye, Mummy and Jo Darr Gya Woh Marr Gya”. she is managing beautifying agents industry and begins fabricating. Her own particular magnificence items everywhere throughout the world. She is also very active social worker and working for “Hamara Mulk, Hamaray Log”.

Atiqa Odho Interview News Stories

3rd Wedding Atiqa Odho Married To Samar Ali khan

Moreover Atiqa Odho is busy in completing new projects of acting and Atiqa Odho is big name in our fashion industry and she is busy in promoting the beauty products of her company and she is working as a CEO of Odho Cosmetics and her production company Odho Productions.Adnan Malik has planned to make films which show our rich culture and heritage in the films because this is the platform from where we can promote our culture at the international level.Atiqa Odho said in her interview that it was a good experience working in films and she said that our intentions were right but when result comes it was not good.

She said that we should observe the difficulties and problems with others and we should help them to come out from these problems.Atiqa Odho’s first marriage was with Javed Akund. She has one daughter and one son by him. The marriage lasted for ten years and not more than that!Atiqa Odho married an America based businessman for the seond time but again the final result of the marriage was a divorce.

In 2012, Atiqa got married to Samar Ali Khan and she is still iving a married life with him.She had also take part for the social work of Shaukat Khanam Cancer Memorial Hospital and for Fatmeed Foundation.She is also taking part in politics and she is active member of All Pakistan Muslim League. Afterall her husband is big name of Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Atiqa Odho married pictures

with Samar Ali khan few days ago here in Clifton Karachi, Atiqa is a famous actress and a social worker. Generally Samar Ali khan is an architect by profession and founding members of the Imran Khan-led Pakistan Tehreeke-Insaf (PTI). Atiqa was born on 12th Feb, 1968 in Karachi.

It is Atiqa third marriage while it is Samar Ali Khan second marriage. Atiqa has three children and Samar has four from his ex-wife. As well as atiqa is still a political worker of APML.according to her Samar Ali khan has very charmful and attractive personality. Atiqa and Samar Ali Khan planning their honeymoon behind the border.


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